Blog Manners and Etiquette Rules

There are a few opportunities to make comments on the posts for some of the library blog sites and on the online catalog Destiny Quest.  All sites are moderated. All comments are controlled by the Marie Holland Library administrator.

Just as there are etiquette rules for holding a phone conversation or a formal interview,   there are etiquette rules for posting on a blog that you need to follow for safe and fair usage:

1. Students may only use first name on comments.
2. Do not include your personal information or personal information of anyone else (phone number, address, names of anyone).
3. Proofread your comment for spelling and grammatical errors.
4. Use appropriate language for school.

Comments deemed inappropriate or off-topic will not be approved for posting or will be deleted.  Thank you!

*Thanks to Scholastic Press, for letting us borrow ideas from their blog rules!*

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