Mrs. Manning 8th Graders Practice Thesis Sentences Shared on Wall Wisher

┬áToday I spent time with Mrs. Manning’s class working on the correct way to generate a thesis sentence from a persuasive essay writing prompt. This is a follow up to our previous attempt at writing a thesis sentences on google docs. The google document was a good assessment, showing us what each individual student needed in order to understand the process.

Most students KNEW how to:

1. Read and understand the prompt
2. Determine their point of view on the issue as PRO or CON
3. Think of 3 reasons to support their point of view.

Most students DID NOT KNOW how to:

1. Restructure the question into a “because” statement
2. Summarize their 3 reasons in a way that allowed them to fit the reasons into ONE SENTENCE

For fun I posted the sentences on Wall Wisher, so students could share and respond to each other’s statements. Eventually, as students master the technique, we will have enough time in class for the students to post their own statements.

Please click on Wall Wisher below to read some of their statements:

Click on the picture above for a full screen view of Wall Wisher.

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