Lois Lowry’s “The Son” is Closer to the Heart than it Seems

 (Lois Lowry’s 2 sons Click here for more info )

In my recent review of Lois Lowry”s The Son, I was a little taken back by the one – sided view of the members of her utopian society…everyone is blond haired and blue-eyed. Then I read Mrs. Lowry’s blog and saw the connection.  This year would have been the 53rd birthday of her son Grey.

Looking at these photos from her blog, I can better understand the obsession with the blond hair and blue eyes, as well as the attention given to the mother son relationship in her final installment of  The Giver Quartet.

Click on the link to my blog and read my review of  The Son by Lois Lowry that’s due out in October.  Read more about Lois Lowry on her  blog.



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