Salvage the Bones Gives Us Words Like No Other (star review)

  Salvage the Bones

2011 National Book Award Nominee “Salvage the Bones” by Jesmyn Ward has turned out to be the book of the summer for 2012.  As one reviewer on Goodreads says,  ” I feel my insides crumbling and my heart breaking and my memories reeling and I know I have read something extraordinary.  Jesmyn Ward just gives us words, but words like none other has written.” 

 Please take a moment to listen to author Jesmyn Ward read an excerpt from this wonderfully written work.  Her craft is has moved her to a literary level not commonly available in these days and times.  The main character is 14 years old and the setting is in Mississippi during the time of Katrina.   I would recommend this not only as suggested reading for our advance readers,  faculty and staff,  I would push the envelope a foot more and recommend this to be added to required reading for high school.

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